Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Poetry By Clockwise Cat Publisher/Editor Alison Ross

Poetry by Alison Ross, editor/publisher of Clockwise Cat.

The Toxic Dyslexic
by Alison Ross

The toxic dyslexic
reads arabic with one eye closed

The toxic dyslexic
eats scrambled clocks
for a midnite snack
and regurgitates the greek alphabet

the toxic dyslexic
reads pythagoras
upside down
and dreams
of bats
in escher's house of angels

the toxic dyslexic
asphyxiates syllables
and chops them up
into fake algorithims

the disexlyc xotic
drinks hemlock through a straw
and dies of illiteracy


Time tricks
by Alison Ross

There are time tricks that will make your head spin.

There was the time that time did a backflip and we landed upside down and we had to stand on our heads for 20 days. The blood rush made us hallucinate images of bathtubs overflowing with melted skulls. 

And there was the time that time entered thru our subconscious and stole all of the mirrors inside and sold them for scrap.

And then there was the time that time came waltzing in to our math class to make fun of our ineptness at calculations. That was when we said, "Fuck you, time" and flung out the door. And then suddenly we were in a hallway filled with walking algebraic equations, jeering at us.
Time tricks will melt yer skull, and your subconscious fear of math will mock you in the cracked mirror at the End of Time.

Clockwise Cat publisher and editor Alison Ross dabbles delicately in verse. She also spews incessant invective. You may peruse her precious poesie and rowdy rants online. She was once nominated for Best of the Net, but lost out to savvier scribes. To her giddy bemusement, she was also selected for the 2012 Erbacce Prize shortlist. Alison's personal utopia would be to dwell inside a painting executed by Miro, wherein Kahlo, Basquiat, Rimbaud, Allende, Borges, Seuss, Lynch and The Cure all converge in felicitous, Zen-surrealistic bliss.


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