Saturday, July 9, 2016

Five Poems By Mark Young

Mark Young's most recent books are Bandicoot habitat & lithic typology, both from gradient books of Finland.  An e-book, The Holy Sonnets unDonne has just come out from Red Ceilings Press, & another e-book, For the Witches of Romania, is due out from Beard of Bees.


Anime & cat-girl
clubs, pub crawls,
river floats — I start
internet businesses, & 
try to make money 
from them. If you 
would like to visit 
the nude resort at 

Sea Mountain Inn 
or hospitalized patients
with serious gram-
positive infections in 
colors that range from 
warm brown to greenish 
gray, I can arrange that 
too. The latest edition 

of my Bunnykins Catalog
includes both the large
destruction of capital in 
continental Europe 
during World War III & 
the flow-on effect if the
USA attacks Syria. I 
like tomatoes very much.

pas de deux

Each night she 
would put him 
               in an air- 
tight jar & they 
would dance 

               a little 

before he went 
to bed. They'd 
               take it in 
turns as to who 
would lead.

Tracking the Minotaur

He marked the 
journey from 
chaotic day- 
dream to 
entropic nightmare 
with p/a r t i c u l a t e 
discarded fragments 
of his own 
amino acid chain.

bel canto

He left just
before the
broke into 
song. He was 

always lucky 
that way. Nessun 
dorma performed 
by a chorus of 
drunken persimmons 

is not something 
you want to 
stick around & 
hear. & since 
they block the 

doorways be-
fore they start,
leaving early 
is the only 
way out.

An error in fast gait

                         It's a relatively new 
          medium which has 
                    yet to establish itself
                         in those Nordic forests
               with their folders of
                    striptease records, old 
               newsreels, & experimental 
                              music that still have to

                    be pored through, but who 
               really believes that the 
                              FBI won't eventually find
                     some way to sneak a
                     little peak at everbody's
                         interactive kiosk projects?

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