Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Worst Principal In America

                                                               A, B, C, D, E, F-CK

Or, How the Bullshit of Being Afraid of Lawsuits Lead to a Rape and Attempted Rape Within Five Days of Each Other at a Disgraceful Public School

By A Special Education Teacher with the Worst Principal in America*
With Art by Jihane Mossalim

*Who Shall Remain Anonymous, with ghost writing help from Hug Honor of Modern Histories & Philosophies Magazine (Editing:  Roo Bardookie & Peabody Winston)
Good Intentions Paving the Way to Hell

     I was happily living the dream life in this tropical paradise.  The tropical paradise of postcards where the “locals” say aloha to you and smile if you tip them.  They really mean fuck you, thanks for coming, now go home you fat, white punk and your dirty, spoiled kids.  That is really just about anyplace where you get tourists and Americans.

      Living the life of tennis, snorkeling, hikes in the mountain jungle, the malls, walks in the park, watching my kid growing up surfing, paddling, also playing tennis, and doing great in one of the too many private schools, because 75% or more of the public schools in this paradise suck, filled with twinkie filled arrogant teachers, stupid kids, and administrators who are part of the Yakuza dream. Oh yes, they funnel money back to Japan, as they have taken over this school system and run it like their own private mafia.  It’s really not just a couple of girls that got raped within five days of each other, it’s all of us taxpayers, parents, kids trying to learn, teachers who want to help, and the community in general. No reach around, no smoke after the act, no breakfast, and you sure as hell aren’t going to spend the night afterwards.  Very prison rape-y.

     So, I am cruising the island, listening to parrots and roosters, when I say to my wife, “I am done with teaching and coaching our daughter, I would like to try and do the same things with kids in the DOE. Since I have degrees in Special Education, I should see if they could use my help.”

     By the way, fuck the local mentality of thinking because you weren’t born someplace that you aren’t as good as people, or saying fuck off to people who do come in and try to help kids. When you have a personal agenda or your adult political agenda is one that is placed above the welfare of students, you’re a hindrance to not only the good intentions, but the reality of the kids getting short changed.  Especially if you are in a position of power and people are genuinely trying to do good.  Let me sugar coat this, as I have done so far, “Go to hell!”

     Ah, but I’m venting.  Let me take a quick coffee break and calm the fuck down.  Here is a picture by friend (and I mean friend of education), Jihane Mossalim:

You might think that I am making up constantly pulled fire alarms, kids making other kids fight against their will like caged matches at recess, our own kids spray painting private parts and fuck-you’s all around the campus, kicking doors as hard as they can and running away, and now the rape and attempted rape (of a special needs girl), to get back at this school for the botched job they did when a teacher was falsely accused within two weeks of starting the job of using bad language.  Fuck that!  But, here is the kicker.  I wasn’t even on the campus at the time the mastermind decided to say I had done this.  Dirty language in this literary masterpiece is one thing, but I don’t cuss in the classroom.  The VP and the principal went after me full bore, while I was training in my beloved special education IEP crap.  IEPs for the most part are a bunch of bullshit that you never teach like in the classroom.  You kind of inherit them through osmosis, but it is the actual kid that you work with, not 3 out of 4 chances-with 80% accuracy.

     But, do recall that this is the place where federal judges had to step in because low lives here on this tropical paradise, were sending their  kids and “loved” ones to the top of a mountain home road to wallow in their own filth, and be fed apple sauce.  I have seen this fenced in area with miles of housing that is basically a prison for the mentally ill, mentally retarded, and those with any affliction that might cramp the lifestyle of our beach and BBQ going families.  Yea, these assholes had to be federally mandated to take care of their family members in ways that are on par with other families getting sub par public educations in one of the worst school districts in America.  A shining light of hope in the middle of the Pacific.

     We bend over backwards for your twisted and fucked up kids, while the regular kids who just want an education get bullied and harassed, and sometimes treated like shit by the actual teachers.

     Baby, there ain’t nuthin’ to do but give them back their own medicine.  The final two months of this year are going to be spent in silence, answering questions with yes and no, avoiding the telephone and email, and basically keeping them in the dark and running secrets like they did to me and the entire school to include the other students and the female teachers who were not informed about the rapist, who happened to also pick up charges of kidnapping using zip ties to secure the girls, and happened to have a knife in his book bag to boot.  This was criminality at its worst, special needs kid or not.  This principal put students at risk, teachers at risk, all to avoid lawsuits.  And, if she was following protocol of the DOE, what kind of fucked up protocol is it where the criminals are under a cloak of invisibility to return to the school after three days, to try and rape again with nothing in place to protect anybody, as he was free to roam and rape without anyone knowing.  Of course the father of the second girl wanted to kill somebody.

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