Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Three Short Poems By Stephen Toft

Stephen Toft was born in Hampshire in 1980 and grew up near Swansea, UK. He currently lives close to the River Lune in Lancaster, UK with his girlfriend and their children. He works with homeless people. His poetry has appeared in a variety of international journals and anthologies, and in 2008 Red Moon Press published his first collection, the kissing bridge

Drunk Ballet

the night
plays backwards

and we laugh
at our feet

the stars are frozen
on the sidewalk

waiting for
your arabesque


her coffee
a vortex -
I dived in

Something once said

to Joni Mitchell
my friend says:

this is how
i imagine my
would've sung

he then lights 
a cigarette and
sits there

holding it

Editor's note: I'm a big fan of short poetry forms. I remember one of the joys of Exquisite Corpse was seeing the short gems by Mike Topp. It can be a deceptively difficult form. Zombie Logic Review would always like to see more like these.

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