Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Four Poems By Ridley Flock

Four poems by Ridley Flock


Up on the mountain
we see our highest
The valley below taunts
Telling us we will always
fall down.
Up here is where the gods
We will reach our peak
in life or in death.

Filter Oil Fence

These are the daily lists
of a boring life.
My world is not a novel
or fantasy story.
I have not a sword
nor a scroll.
All I have is binge watching,
radio voices,
and lists of things to do.


I don't care what they say.
I am not the backwash of humanity.
Not a waste
of space.
They think I can't hear from
down here.
But I can, and I can tell them:
That's not so.

Literary Litter

My words and scraps
of paper litter the house.
One day, maybe I can
make something out of all
of them.
Even if it is just gluing
them together into some
kind of shape.

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