Sunday, January 1, 2017

Poems By Mark Young

Mark Young's most recent books are Mineral Terpsichore & Ley Lines, both from gradient books of Finland, & The Chorus of the Sphinxes, from Moria Books in Chicago. A new collection, some more strange meteorites, is due out from Meritage & i.e. Press, California / New York, in early 2017.

dated synths & retro ballads

Preachy comments about the
body weight of a two story
concrete building with tudor
style plasterboard walls cause

hip-shaking beats to be repur-
posed with a twist of industrial
here & there. Contextual factors
mean an abrupt increase in the

lateral stiffness. Learning needs
become asymmetrical. The wall-
of-sound harmonies are no longer
winsome in an absence of chic.

An increase in lipochrome

Riding roughshod over the
objections of a 1000 gypsies
& drawing sustenance from
the idea that communication
is more important than trad-
ition, she downloaded Michael

Jackson's autopsy report, the
biggest controversy in the entire
history of UFO research, &
spent the next five days picking
it apart. The 40 pounds of im-
pacted fecal matter reportedly

removed from his colon could
easily be obtained by a brief
search of the yellow pages; the
spin put out by the conspirators
heals the gun shot wounds to
provide pictures of an intact

head; & the symmetric calci-
fication in the basal ganglia
consistently acknowledges
another derivation from the
Alien Autopsy trope much
used in popular culture.

a mere black silhouette

Engulfed in shadow, with no
light reaching them, your

daughters will prophesy

that stormy weather can inter-
fere with cloud computing.

the / camel toe / of Esther Williams

She rode side-
saddle all the way
to the heights of
Macchu Picchu.
Then, now that
that was off her
bucket list, the
camel toe of Esther

Williams became
impatient. Paris
the next stop; & a
Busby Berkeley
romp that finished
in une des fontaines
des jardins du ch√Ęt-
eau de Versailles.

The Color of the Earth

If the songlines are
unfamiliar, then look
to the rhythm of the
piece. The ear plays
tricks; but there are
only so many ways
the heart can beat.

bashed, stabbed, drugged, & stuffed in a burning suitcase
                Sadness, when mixed with
                             some self-pity, turns into
                       a chamomile rice pudding
                       with tea-soaked golden
                  raisins. Anti-aging medicine,
                          although a difficult topic
                      to address, can be simply
                            defined as an ongoing
                             invitation to any narrative
                practitioner whose golden
                             retriever has recently died.

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