Sunday, April 9, 2017

English Outlaw Poet Paul Brookes

Paul Brookes has been published in many magazines in the south west of England. He performed as a member of the poetry in performance group “Rats for Love” and his work was included in their 1990 publication Rats for Love: The Book.

His first chapbook was The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley (Dearne Community Arts, 1993).

His website is

Clay Pipes For Shoes

His two clay pipes fitted her small, delicate feet perfectly. 
Tobacco smoke swirled around her thighs 
as she contemplated the pencil describing 
his face held by the hand so realistically emerging 
from the front of the postcard addressed 
to his German aunt in Andalusia.

Walks Around In Rabbit Holes

alive to the eyes of foxes
with mouths full of bird feathers

and stuffing pillows with duck feathers 
in hope their mobile will ring with a text

from the vet who needs to vaccinate
 against Mad Cow's and haunted chicken

coops as he hears door slams 
and barbecue voices, 
badgers defended by cows.

A Cup Of Clear Water

is a blue sky to your throat
as you sup all I have left.

I watch your soil darken.
A cloud moves through it.

Watch that bitten bottom lip
sob of yours take the easy route
an anvil 
of cumulonimbus spits

at earth a flatiron spray 
of steam to remove my creases.

Your waters curl through ground 
that needs more surge to move it.

A pearl of sweat suspends the eye 
wavers on one of your risen follicles.

Your river dammed by my mouth.
Only the troposphere 

can hear your heart.

A Duvet Is

trout waiting to be tickled.
Our Duffle coats are horses 
shudder under rain.

Your roads are filigrees of satin
on a hardwood occasional table.

Your songs daily papers bought
for the pictures.

My reverence is taking my shoe
and socks off in company.

Your ears lamps that sputter into life.

Running water is a foreign language.

Jesus is a blue recycling bin
33 daubed in white on its sides
out in undeveloped wasteland.

Happiness is an uncompleted transaction.

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