Thursday, January 31, 2013

Asmodeus The Demon

It is commonly thought to be an error in judgement to invoke the name of a demon lest that demon hear its name spoken and have the option to visit the invoker of his/her name by means of the window such an invocation opens. One of my favorite demons in literature is Asmodeus. 

He appears in Milton's Paradise Lost as one of the fallen angels. That's some heavy street cred. It is thought that Solomon himself called upon Asmodeus to help him in the construction of the Temple. That's also a pretty heavy item to list on your bad dudes resume. Asmodeus was there in many of the Hebrew fables, too, where he was said in The Book of Tobit to have murdered seven husbands of a woman named Sarah and was only confounded when God sent the angel Raphael to intervene, which he did after Asmodeus fell victim to the smell of fish liver and heart, which he is said to find repugnant. 

Always stylish, Asmodeus is devoted to oppression and might through subversive action. Asserting power over others through power, cunning, self-mastery, and discipline is paramount to followers of Asmodeus. Finally, Asmodeus is an ancient schemer and deadly manipulator, orchestrator of the most Machiavellian of schemes. He lays plans millennia in advance, patiently biding his time until his machinations come to fruition. In short, use great care when invoking the name of this Arch Devil. 

Speaking of demons, if you like death metal, Church of the Necronomicon is for you. But it's more than just death metal. Check out this recent interview with Cheap Trick drummer Bun. E Carlos. Reviews, interviews, up and coming bands. 

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  1. It begs the question, knowing the masonic sects sprung up around the building of the Temple of Solomon, if Asmodeus' name is invoked in any of the so-called meaningless masonic ceremonies.