Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Belial and His Ranseur

Belial is less of a demon than a devil, if such differentiations make a wit of difference. Belial is said to have both the most handsome and diabolic appearance of all the devils. He is a tall, dark humanioid with small horns on his head, dresses always in regal finery and carries a ranseur. He is handsome and sexual, with large slanted eyes that smolder red. he reigns over the Fourth circle of Hell. 

The weapon Belial is carrying here is most accurately identified as a ranseur. I saw  some fascinating weapons displayed at the Art Institute in Chicago and it got me to thinking how a weapon might be an appendage of one's personality. What type of creature uses a fork?

Here's a nice assortment of forks not meant to eat a salad with. 

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  1. Some great work on demonology here. A lot of these guys belong in the Hall of Bad Dudes.