Saturday, June 17, 2017

Poetry By Madman Philosopher James D. Casey IV

A self proclaimed "Madman Philosopher," James D. Casey IV is a published author of three volumes of poetry. Mr. Casey's writings have been published in print and online several times as well. His work has been featured in places like Triadæ Magazine, Pink Litter, In Between Hangovers, Indiana Voice Journal, Poetry Breakfast, Beatnik Cowboy, Scarlet Leaf Review, Horror Sleaze Trash, Whispers, Your One Phone Call, I am not a Silent Poet, Tuck Magazine, Outlaw Poetry, PoeTree, Story Mirror, Stanzaic Stylings, Spillwords, Micropoetry, Leaves of Ink, Poetry Life & Times, and Realistic Poetry International. You can find links to his books, social network profiles, and other projects on his website by clicking here:

​"Intently Sedated"​

Starless skies
Producing numberless

Dangerously unseen
When taunting the black kettle
Goes wrong

Hunger strike raids
Burn villages to the ground

Pinnacles fall
To pieces
Amongst old cherry wine

Intently sedated
In controversial
Above the fruited

They came here to forget
Land of the
Utopian facade
Drunk on codeine blues
Only to remember

©James Dennis Casey IV


Poet James D. Casey IV

"Littered With Feathers"

Last night 
In dreamland
I was an owl 
Made of stone

Standing in a parallel world
Censored with sacred shadows
I observed mysterious travelers

They spun diaphanous memoirs
Of fertile green phenomenons and
Life or Death decisions

I could see the words
Lilt down their chins
Falling into the dirt

Like lush embryos
They sprouted lustful creatures
That would slink away 
Into the shadows

Sneaking about
Pleasantly deformed and
Seemingly sempiternal
They dug up ancient bones
Ground them to powder and
Made sticks of magic chalk

Surrounding me I saw their eyes
Hollow and ethereal
Speaking in a foreign tongue
With the mysterious travelers
That spawned them

They all began to chant a spell
And pass around the sticks of chalk
Each placing specific symbols
Upon my stony surface

I felt a fire
As my body 
Began to crack
Falling away

Suddenly I burst forth
Able to spread my wings
But as soon as I attempted flight
I awoke in my bed

Strangest part of it all
The window was open
And my room 
Littered with feathers

©James Dennis Casey IV


"Unbridled Birds"

My skull feels twisted
Backward behind the skin
Brain aquiver and 
Mulling over the night's 
Astral events

Odd details
Only seen 
With a magnifying glass
Inside a green 
Zinc coffin
Called sleep

I remember
So many roads
Old ones whispering
Young ones crying
Streets of imagination
Upon the bed
Of longing
Strange and familiar faces
Beyond the void

I remember
A cosmic tribe
Ancient feathers
From galactic owls
Braided into their hair
Dancing for rain
On a distant planet
Diamonds fall from the heavens
Like water there

I remember
Dolorous mountains
Making beautiful music
Serenading rivers of 
Raging scintillation
Asking myself why
Such magnificence
Is surrounded by an air
Of heavy sadness

I remember
Lachrymal tincture
From a toothy moon
Vomiting lunar brilliance
Telling me secrets
I did not want to hear
While I
Tied to an Amethyst cross
Could not escape

With a flash of light
And a clap of thunder
I suddenly awoke 
To a violent midday storm
Stardust in my dried saliva
Moon sand on my feet

Glad to be home
But anticipating my next departure
Come nightfall my eyes
Will become unbridled birds
Traveling to worlds unseen
In the light of day

©James Dennis Casey IV


"Dead Rose Water"

Rain cascading
In eloquent lace

Gently caressing cheeks

Like dead rose water

Giving one
The Alpha
And Omega

Chaos in order
Dying world
Whatever it takes
Into the flames

Even if that means

Wild animals
Born lost
With distorted truths
Into their graves

©James Dennis Casey IV

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