Sunday, March 20, 2016

Silence Unguarded- Marianic and Jean- Pierre Parra

Paintings and drawings by Marianic Parra Text by Jean-Pierre Parra Translated from french to english by Claire Zoe Waldman

Silence unguarded

you force
tamed by sleep that leaves
the cry
into the dust of death

Marianic Parra  2008  «Silence unguarded»  volcanic sand  150-120-3 cm

Silence unguarded – Declination I

Machineries of dream turned
by the wind sorted out

you endure
eyes deeply closed
the strange light that passes trough

Marianic Parra  2015  «Silence unguarded – Declination I»  drawing gouache on paper  29,7-42 cm

Silence unguarded – Declination II

bottom of Earth bursted out
of destroyed time

the sun suspended
in the permanence of living life

Marianic Parra  2015  «Silence unguarded – Declination II»  drawing gouache on paper  29,7-42 cm

Silence unguarded – Declination III

Far from hours
Far from months
Far from years

you look like
balance guarded into going life
a man going to the men

Marianic Parra  2015  «Silence unguarded – Declination II I»  drawing gouache on paper  29,7-42 cm

Silence unguarded – Declination IV

Without struggle
against strength
of the lights of life played

you stretch
the infinite dreams alive

Marianic Parra  2015  «Silence unguarded – Declination IV»  drawing gouache on paper  29,7-42 cm

Marianic PARRA & Jean-Pierre PARRA Marianic PARRA: painter - painter, sculptor - sculptor Jean-Pierre PARRA: writer - writer, poetry - poetry

Parra Art

Marianic Parra’s artwork combines with Jean-Pierre Parra texts. Game lines / game writing - rhythmic composition. Both artists are part of the alliance of painting (where the entire surface of fullness and emptiness is in play) and poetry (where everything is suggested by words). Painting then borrows from poetry to compose poetic painting, and poetry is in the painting in order to help understanding. Both painting, and poetry, as reference for each other in a fruitful dialogue that affirms the creative imagination drawn in irreducible differences. Marianic Parra and Jean-Pierre Parra live under the sun of southern France, and close to a shore of history and stories from Greek myths and Arabian tales; they want to be part of the poetic and mythological reality of Mediterranean Sea. Marianic Parra presents her work in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe and United States, she has published several catalogs. Her studio is located in Beziers, France. Jean-Pierre Parra through many books of poetry said the words that fit his worldview; he is haunted by two extreme themes: beauty and evil which are the two great mysteries of human adventure.

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