Thursday, May 19, 2016

Three Poems By Suzanne Sykora

Suzanne Sykora has been an attorney in New York City, but now teaches English in Germany. She sent these poems in from planet Earth.

lone voyager
by Anna Sykora

he lay in his bay
rolled up in dense fatigue
gazing out at the
birth of nebulae
the jewel cloak of night
soft faces flitted
behind his eyes
like ghostly birds
from summer gone
700 years
the june of joy
his honeymoon journey
butterfly bright
and just as brief
on a planet long
whose name now he
cannot recall
better alone he thinks
the last of them
the only one
the joints of his metal
mouth twitch
we used to call that a smile

he mutters
wiping the odd drop
of moisture
from his blinkless eye


by Anna Sykora

poot humans more
self-important than wise
history the record
of our lies
what if reality’s
just a mistake
about to be
what if our busy
history's just
a detour from
the truth

Last transmission from
the Andromeda

by Anna Sykora

in moments the Andromeda
will cross the boundary where words
no longer heard on Earth…
while we…  to build our colony…  
but this our crew 1000 strong…
is confident… obey…

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