Saturday, September 16, 2017

Poetry By Jon Bennett Not John Bennett or John M. Bennett

Jon Bennett has appeared in Between Hangovers, Mad Swirl, and Your One Phone Call. He is NOT John Bennett or John M. Bennett. 


I assume the model train enthusiast’s
life is in perpetual disarray,
kids on drugs,
alcoholic wife:
“Go play with your trollies!”
“Not trollies, Dear,
but down in the basement
driving the Norfolk Southern
he’s the conductor, by God!
For the same effect
I’ve used drugs, sex, food,
and drugs
mostly drugs
they haven’t worked
so I’ve taken out a note
on a Lionel layout
deluxe model
Finally the rails
will never end!


And I looked at her kid
who was a little baby girl
and everything she did
was magic
But the mom was an activist,
and she said,
“If you really loved
my little baby girl
you’d give a shit
about Palestine!”
so I said,
“You don’t get it, see,
I love everyone,
I’m a humanitarian!”
and that’s when
I took
the first bite.


A bit of news for my fellow
clock and watch repairmen,
the Association has decided
delay mechanisms will no longer
be referred to as
Instead, we’ll use the term
“wound back”
and, on a personal note,
whenever my brother
pisses me off
I’ll call him,
‘wound back’

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