Friday, April 19, 2013

Poetry By Dawnell Harrison


Disappointment has another mouth
to feed and the earth is encumbered

with barbed wire.
I hear the echoes of despair 

in this chilly December evening as
the crows drag their black dregs

behind them.
my pain dissolves in a quivering circle

as the night bends a band of blazon
snow hanging on the horizon.


I fall into the sea
and drown my bones

as a bevy of bubbles
ascend to the top.

There is no more breath,
no more life,

nobody left to act for.
My palms lie upward

towards the sky and
my skin turns a luminescent


The night is melting

Like lava from a volcano.

The crows cry

As if this is their last flight.

The pine trees stand out

In the snowy stillness,

Almost breathless

From their heavy branches.

A girl ice-skating

On the frozen pond

Wraps a red scarf

Around her neck

Like a furry, little death trap.

Parts one and two

Love is my destiny, part one.

Poetry is my honey nectar,

Part two –

Its sweetness slowly

Sliding down my chin.

I shall not live

In fear of hairy,

Cowardly monsters

That move quietly

In the dark still

Of the night planting


In my fertile garden. 

Dawnell Harrison has been published in over 100 magazines and journals including The Endicott Review, Fowl Feathered Review, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Vox Poetica, Queen's Quarterly, The Vein, Word Riot, Iconoclast, Puckerbrush Review, Nerve Cowboy, Mobius, Absinthe: A journal of poetry, and many others.

Also, she has had 3 books of poetry published through reputable publishers titled Voyager, The maverick posse, and The fire behind my eyes.  

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