Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Poetry By Gregg Dotoli

Poetry by Gregg Dotoli    

(Ode to Asbury) Bruce’s Song

Upon the wake
nights invisible  lore
forgotten less
not more
recall recall
drowsy did I
close my eye

try try try

slumber did befall
a short recall
of horses spin
in golden stall
chimes of win
and loving kin
near wooden walk
and angel talk
song dreams spoke
and I awoke

Grace Gifts

burning heart
purest tears 
remind me
only the lamb
is my way
only the lamb
is the way
golden rays
pearls of peace
truest love
was and is

our earth time
yellow oak leaves
blown about
landing in cedar paradise

When I Go?

you arrived in Fall
to dot the i in me
making we(almost forever)

my fadeblue spirit
crawls in perpetual hail
lost in (almost forever)
joy nevermore
time now a dark door
life a melancholy chore

you arrived in Fall
to dot the i in me
making we(almost forever)

regret sprays salt ruby blood
a split spiting Heart
stings my raw DeepSoul 


Bubble Gum
honey sweet claylike
produced my 
10 minute commercial 
although alone 
I wanted a cigarette 


our you and I
set free
rattles the fear
in me
alone I prefer
another galaxy
of love lost
and golden frost
an eternal sublime
of natural rhyme
where smiling creatures 
flaunt heavenly features
silver streams 
and endless dreams
perfect weather
alone together

you may find it too
in crystal blue

Geomart Sale

geo isle  1
all items for sale
the grinning goat nudges us
go ahead

non geo isle 2
that is expensive (*Pick You Pronoun)
jettison control human
your consumption is contagious 
your consumption is deadly

Dues ex machina 
Drop that product, it’s not for sale
thunders from the light above
as the cloven beast scuttles

I gave you what you need
a saddened God looks on


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