Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Four Short Poems By Thomas L. Vaultonburg Written On a Spanish Olivetti Studio 45 Typewriter

My fellow writer David Pedersen let me borrow his Spanish Olivetti Studio 45 typewriter, so I took it to the 317 Art Collective and wrote these poems. 


The onion-skin paper
Disappears into the black
Void of the roller like Persephone,
And re-appears on the other side
Like a blanket of fresh snow
No one has pissed on yet.

Spanish Olivetti Studio 45 Typewriter


I finger the keys
of my red
Spanish typewriter
until she gushes
forth this poem


Everybody wants to
ride my bicycle,
but no one else knows
how to oil the chain


for fifty years my
heart and roof leaked until
Death fixed them both

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