Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Paper Fingers Zine on the Last Day of Poetry Month

We created a PDF file for the Paper Fingers Zine we created at the Paper Fingers event at 317 Collective in March. You can delve into the whole project at www.paperfingers.com It contains the work Rockford area writers David Pedersen, Micky Torpedo, Richard Vargas, Tim Stotz, Travis Legge, Dylan Garcia, Jesus Abraham Correa VII, Erica Toldeo, Sky Garcia, Thomas L. Vaultonburg, Christopher Simms, Sharon Nesbit-Davis, Dannie Mathews, and many others. The art department/ilustrators include Joe Tallman, Sarah Reed McNamara, Jenny Mathews, Lucian Kuranz, Taylor Hopkins, Jesus Abraham Correa VII, Asa E Burnley, Jack Mathews, FoodStamp Davis, with photography by James Hogan, Jenny Mathews, and Ryan Burritt.

It's really rewarding when a project is received well. We sold out the print run of Paper Fingers at Art Scene. And had one helluva time with our cohorts at 317 Art Collective to boot. Thank you so much to everyone who collaborated with us to make this happen. We'll definitely be doing another zine soon.

Here's the link to download the PDF - Paper Fingers PDF

Here's the donate button if you want to throw something our way.  It's appreciated.

Poster by Joe Tallman

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