Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Poems By James Diaz

James Diaz is founding editor of the literary arts & music journal Anti-Heroin Chic. His work has appeared most recently in Psaltery & Lyre, The Ekphrastic Review, Quail Bell Magazine and Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, (for which his poem, The Balance Between Us, was nominated for the Best of the Net.) He is the author of This Someone I Call Stranger (Indolent Books, 2018) and three full length collaborative manuscripts with poet Elisabeth Horan. He currently resides in upstate New York.

Bailiff Took The Handle

I was face and palm
those memory bones
rattlin' shit from 97
benson bender burner
broke a smile
went dead inside
coil was a pop load
shimmer summer lake
my boyhood all tornado
apple shade
to the olden
I am golden
like the fail safe
at the back of my throat
no mother can ever beat me that hard again
as bad as spoon and dropper
window shopper
in my Gettysburg dt's
my pliant cross dressing
wounds of my father
and my, how you've grown
into your disease
our money was on dead at 16
we think you owe us
for our bad bet,
now pay up.


Poet James Diaz

Tara Reid is throwing verse like a rainbow goddess  

whippoorwill, got so many miles
under your nails
rave / Nancy bleeder  
the bleachers /\ all some of us had
I was mop and bucket
missed year book photo
cuz, you kn ow - jail 
and whatnot
I had a gun
it was my faultline
gone apocalytpic
tara reid dreams
in the Kojak day time lounge
got a life
it didn't fit
fired the tailor
and wore a paper bag
night rounds 
disco <> baby I was
what the neighborhhood
 made me
and smelly socks
and cops
I took two years off
so I could suicide
sally + every door I ever opened
was smoke 
and iodine plaster kick
bedtime boy - 
every place I go
I bring all these expired hells
with me.


Glimmer Poem #1

dropped the element off
on its side ambling
was sleep I couldn't touch
all dressed up
like yesterday was war
and today was peace
but I didn't have the scars
to negotiate / nights along
the water way rushing out
my skin a holiday in
blur / not lines but bodies
giggling sweat stained
and aftershave bridge 
& tunnel men with their 
eyes burned out like
stars in cement
we claimed these hands
took up in clouds by a god 
we never believed in enough 
to die for but somehow still


Glimmer Poem #2

I won't bore you on this long drive into nowhere
your father's voice ringing our underneath the tires
state lines signal lives become trapped in territory
it's still the old west no matter how many computer
chips they put in us, gun slinging, tavern singing
woman stealing, ruined yards / slumped bodies
on porches with no lights on, who ever said there was
no sense of humor in looming disaster 
never got turned on just by saying the word atom bomb
thermonuclear fishing hole books by dead men
about dead woman who reminded them of their 
dead mothers / tomes filled with incestual metaphor
old western sky tapered into blue hills
eating up the residual / tech chip dug into
skin feel the cold coke machine of 2 a.m.
drugged out blue jean alley / a thing is only sacred
until you touch it, and
the night is no longer young, it is burning.


Glimmer Poem #3

catching miracle glimmers
in the good heart
with the shine of tomorrow
clearing off day break
bodies spun from cobweb
find their love in corners
how sweet it is deep under wire
oh wood burning
cv cameras
x-ray boys
listen to lighting bugs
hit the street lamp
with pocket book prayers
middle aged man with the keys
in his pockets
don't you know
we have nothing to fear here
when we sleep we are golden
against the mop buckets
and morning call for slop
trays made by unloved whippoorwills
in the dragging there is a whiff of shadow
we bend to the name you do not call
we come running gunning for the door
you leave unlatched
just once, sometimes even the taser
is a blessing.


Glimmer Poem #4

If I weren't me, but only
this season passing its
loss over my body like the 
buck lost on train rides home 
when there really
is no place to call home
anymore, and the stains
along the leather seat
like the face of god
laughing / a bar room
is a place where everything
that went wrong takes
a load off, the cold
heavy wind outside
waiting to pounce
make tender out of hard -
smooth me jagged, verses
held tight against skin 
worn loosely
steer clear the bramble
boys / the night light
shedding lines under
towns we never left
all this pain
and none of it useful.


Addendum for the radiating distance between here and home

I wanted to be girly with skin that wouldn't show scars that wouldn't push shit around / people I can't stand / like stereo freaky glow kids with parties to throw / tomorrows, oh you know nico notch in the belt saffron fleshy pearl hidden rooftop romantics / kohl / bat an eye / I'd be shy with you / in public / photon op, has to hurt when / you slide in / I'm all bible and bone / neon is hell's sharpest arrow / hide my bratty bra / verbal vanguard / worst thing about living is the people you have to live with / the shadows of yourself, on cue / on the wall / baby, I am a girl when I think how unmanly holding my self together has become, eye shadow, lip liner - due north / festive sad travel / I need the cure / is it on you? I need it bad / to be someone else for a while.

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