Saturday, December 1, 2012

Submitted To the Academy For Your Approval

For the entire month of December I'll be featuring my own poetry here at Zombie Logic Review. This poem appears in my book Flesh Wounds. Submitted to the Academy for your approval...

   Acceptance Speech

   I'd like to thank the Academy
   For not giving me this award
   Or the cash prize that goes
   With it. I'm convinced
   Another year of anonymity
   And privation will do
   Wonders for my work.

   I'd like to thank God
   And my father
   For being the same guy:
   Perfect at work,
   Useless everywhere else.

   I'd like to thank my country
   For teaching me to kill
   Those who needed it
   And defend those who
   Deserved it and the ignorance
   Not to know the difference.

   I'd like to thank the women
   Of America for choosing
   More obvious choices for their
   Recreational and breeding needs.
   Your daughters are coming
   Along fine. 

   Most of all I'd like to thank
   You for taking 98 seconds
   Out of your busy schedule
   To not enjoy this poem.

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