Monday, March 5, 2012

Yellow Disk, White Disk

Yellow Disk, White Disk

Yellow disk, rise
White disk sleep
Yellow disk, plant
Yellow disk, keep

Yellow disk, Apollo
White disk, Diana
In the daylight it's science,
Under moonbeams, arcana.

Stop, you say, inequality arises.

Yellow disk, penis
White disk, vagina
Yellow disk, conquer
White disk, nurture

Wait, wait, wait, this is wrong.
Reverse the order.

White disk, lunacy
Yellow disk, sight
White disk, darkness
Yellow disk, light

Now I must protest.
Let me try one.

Yellow disk, father,
White disk, mother
White disk, sister
Yellow disk, brother

That came out all wrong.
What I meant was...

Yellow disk, White disk
Red wine, soft kiss.
Daytime, nightime,
One world: yours, mine.

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  1. Nice. I like your way of saying things. Nice.

  2. Thank you. Did you see Zombie Logic Review, Press, and the blog all moved up on Google for the search term "zombie poetry?" Eventually it will be Zcomposition and ZLP at the top.

  3. Thank you. I wonder if it will become a Tiny Drawing Poem.

  4. Sounds like a plan to me. I am clueless when it comes to rankings. I should learn more, but with the website, twitter, facebook, my poetry CD coming out and so much more I am trying to balance it all...oh did I whine about my 24 yr old son coming home from his teaching stint in Asia and decided he wants to live with us again to finish school, and my new website I need help with. Hopefully Jenny, Tiny Drawings is going to do our publishing dashboard for the site. Thanks btw for introducing us, well sort of :)

    I hope I am helping do justice for the fun loving Zombies...