Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Abraxus Busts the Dialectic Bracket

I'm not asserting interpolation is for the flabby-minded. Most people consider themselves on pretty solid ground phenomenologically speaking if they stay squarely within the parameters of what it is acceptable to believe. That's also been a standard definition of sanity for most of human history. Believe whatever everyone else does and you're sane. Deviate from that and you're unsane. But what if it turned out barely anything we had put between those brackets was true? Then what? Hmm?

One conception of god neither good or evil, but outside of both parameters is the Gnostic god/demon Abraxas. Just a creator being, possibly evil, but certainly nothing like the Christian conception of a loving, personal god. The Zoroastrians and even the Hebrews also had sects that believed in a similar being responsible for creating us, but largely indifferent, or possibly even evil.

Like the demon Baphomet, Abraxas is largely an  amalgamation of various myths, usually involving a god/demon creator that is neither bound to the concept of good or evil, but outside the dialectic altogether. 

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