Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shazam and Isis: Why Did Our Parents Hate Us So Much

I loved the Super Friends. That first season when they battled the Legion of Doom was superb. Then they changed it. Got rid of the ancillary members I liked and added the Wonder Twins and a monkey named Gleek. And it sucked. But as much as it sucked it was still a million times better than this dipshit show I remember called Shazam, which was paired up with an even lamer show called Isis in a one hour block of television that should have been title The Child Torture Hour but was cleverly titled The SHAZAM!/Isis Hour. It seemed like longer than an hour whenever I was forced to watch this crap. 

Captain Marvel? More like Captain Lame-O. I never did willingly sit through an episode of this. Here's Isis...

Ba-Bye now. 


  1. As a little girl in the seventies I never could get enough Wonderwoman, so when Isis came out I ate it up. Bought her comic books and all. Super hero lady archaeologist plus mummies Yay!