Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dude's Prayer

This is a really stupid poem I wrote a few years ago. Sometimes you write something and you wonder why. But the thing about cyberspace is that it's endless and nobody has to cut down a tree for me to publish this dippy poem and no one is forcing you to read it.

The Dude's Prayer

never inflict upon me
the wisdom to discern
shit from shinola

or lead me into
skirmish, scrum,
or uncompensated

rapture me not
away from green
or darken the path
of Cosmic Bowling

allow my slumber
to be a golden hum,
unbroken by the crackle
of angels wings
or The Eagles Greatist Hits.


  1. Pretty good, though, actually.



  2. Are you really an outsider or do you think it's a cool word. I know now that I'm not the wrong one, but it was a long time and a lot of tears first.

  3. Am I really an Outsider? No. If there were such a movement I wouldn't be welcomed. If they held meetings, I would not attend.