Friday, January 18, 2013

Ken Dixon's Zombiethon: A Wizard Video Classic

Wizard Video released the zombie compilation home video Zombiethon in 1986. It was one of their last successes, and contained clips from Zombie, Fear, Zombie Lake, The Astro Zombies, A Virgin Among the Living Dead, and Oasis of the Zombies. 

Let's start with Fear. The reason you won't be able to find this movie, despite the fact that it stars Laura Gemser,  is that it's actually titled Murder Syndrome.

Fear (Murder Syndrome) will be the most difficult movies from Zombiethon for you to find. But keep looking, it's out there. My favorite part of Zombiethon has nothing to do with the zombie movie scenes, but the various interstitial zombie shorts Ken Dixon shot to wrap around them.

Zombie Matinee.

Many of the scenes involve women being chased into The El Rey theatre while zombies are watching a variety of movies. It's one of the great things of all time. 

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