Friday, February 8, 2013

The Effects of Caffeine on Creativity

When I was an undergraduate in psychology I was always questioning my professors as to whether they thought there was a correlation between creativity and depression, and since they were only professors and there was no clear research they were incapable of making any conclusions, but they didn't  think so. 

I don't think they were right, but conclusive research has yet to be done. I know a study done a couple of decades ago at the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop documented some anecdotal evidence that there was a correlation.

But how about caffeine? The human brain is a strange place and our dominion over it's vagaries is tenuous at best. For instance, we spend a great deal of our days trying to stimulate antagonistic receptors, drinking loads of coffee in the morning to open up the blood vessels, then aspirin later to close them down. But do any of these substance affect our ability to be creative in any way? I know in my life alcohol has never been a pathway to creation. Far from it. But others have had far different results with drugs or alcohol. 

Today I loaded up on caffeine and had the impulse to create a new website. So I did, even though my rational brain was telling me I can't stock the blogs I have now with real content. This one should be a little easier. 

Chet Retorted is the new blog. 

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