Saturday, March 2, 2013

How To Deal With Fantasy Football Withdrawals

For sports fans, specifically fantasy football fans, late February and early March are the worst time of year. The Super Bowl has just ended, baseball season is still weeks away, and not even March Madness can take ones mind off the fact that it's still an eternity until your fantasy football draft, or even a real mock draft.

Perhaps The Fantasy Football Folio can help you with your doldrums. There's always something happening related to fantasy football, from Joe Flacco signing the richest contract in NFL history with the Ravens to Kenny Britt doing what he does best when he's not on a football field, The Fantasy Football Folio will bring you articles about the latest in free agency, the NFL draft, drug busts, murdered girlfriends, and players who just don't care anymore.

If you want to become a fantasy football champion like this dude apparently is, get over to Fantasy Football Folio today.

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