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poetry by riff wilder

riff wilder is the chief instigator of “fauxbrow”, a mix of newbrow and no-brow with early 20th century fauve and surrealism. wilder’s signature style is lyrical and psychedelic. Recent publishing credits include Comets and Criminals, Nite Blade, Chrome City, Chronogram, Goblin Fruit, Existere Journal, Semaphor, Cordite Review.

In the 1990s, while lurking in the east coast art scene, wilder was fined over $50,000 by the City of New York for creating a poster that announced an experimental poetry reading. In response, wilder helped fuel a grass roots community in support of the first amendment in a battle over the rights of artists to create posters. wilder’s efforts were aided by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Auster, and dozens of other notable artists. This became a cause célèbre, led to pitched battles in Gotham streets, courthouses, and media outlets, and to a precedent-setting, art, music and literature affirming legal victory for free speech. Wilder’s continuing efforts to protect free speech have recently helped a number of artists, including household names, to avoid jail time. from Horror Sleaze Trash

#558: Picture Of A Materialist

                            Despising life,
       afflicted by self-loathing, such a bummer …
                so crammed in behind its wheel,

             A Dandy-Chrome-Wheeled-Hummer.

#641: Silly Old Hound

                                      What he cares for …
                                       Acquiring Power.
                                         Not much else

                                  A never-ending struggle.
                                          Over & over.
                               Scrapping for material gain.
                                   Wanting material gain.

                                 Chasing Chasing Chasing
                                     more material gain,
                                 incredibly short-sighted,
                                        Silly Old Hound
                                           chasing tail.
                             Twisted in ten thousand ways,
                             So Very Many Silly Old Hounds
                                     groping night & day.

                                          Chasing tail.
                                 They rarely do anything
                                        other than this.

  #344: Auto Idolatry

        Longing to write for a major magazine,
                        youthful blogger speaks of it
                                shaking up scene.

                Loud, brassy, shartruce green,
               Cock-Rock-Blowhard Limousine.

                   Pistons pounding powerfully
                  like jackhammers, up & down.
                        Egocentric & vainglorious
                     owner of this boat renowned.   
                         Reveling in recklessness,
                  clueless crackers circling ’round.
             Jokers croaking, “That’s amazing!”
                 Scenesters deem it way profound.

                Loud, brassy, shartruce green,
               Cock-Rock-Blowhard Limousine.

                         Everywhere it goes
                 hot air kissing its windscreen.
               Touting tastelessness a’ plenty,
                bug-eyed noobies call it mean.

                Loud, brassy, shartruce green,
               Cock-Rock-Blowhard Limousine. 

#67: Drilled In Mideast Dirt

                      Senselessy appearing  
              Four Clicks South Of Kyrgysztan,
                    G.I.’s towed in choppers
                      en route to a firefight.

              Grunts are out protecting causes
                      Shrill And Un-American,
                 empowering the heavy-handed
                       tyrants of a distant land.

                 State Department Bureaucrat
                        serving with aplomb,
                  gleefully dispensing monster
                       bunker-busting bombs.

                       Missing targets wildly,
                     wasting tots & toddlers,
                       innocents eliminated,
                    leaving windswept bones.

                  One can’t help but wonder
                      how this comes about.
               Groups of plain folks mutilated,
                          villages wiped out.

                         G.I.’s also shot up,
               holes blown through their shirts.
                 Lives destroyed for oil wells …
                       Drilled In Mideast Dirt.

#89: The Playbill Labeled “Fauxbrow”

                 Viewing much from dizzy height,
                       finding world is in decline.

                         In reveries disconsolate,
                       Little Bo Peep Sits & Sways …
                        wishing for a rocket sled  
                              to carry her away.

                         Initiatives, contrivances
                       otherworldly machinations
                           off of a conveyor belt,
                             electric incantations.

                         Pacing round ghost ship,
                           Keats & Percy Shelley
                             utterly intransigent,
                           bug-eyed mugs insane,
                         noting purple mountains
                              over fruited plains.

                           Clark & Lewis At The Helm
                             course correcting here,
                        apropos resourceful types,
                        twin cartoonlike engineers

                Humming, “Dum-dee-dum-dee-dum,”
                           managing to minimize
                        pet peeves & conniptions.

                                Exercising mind,
                            observing, seeing all.
                          Taking note of players,
                   The Playbill Labeled “Fauxbrow.”

#11: Flagrant Business Sissies

                        Spotlight on the fellers
                       felling old growth trees,
                    profiting from taking down
                    homes of hapless creatures!

                      Unfortunately Financiers
                   screwing planet everywhere.
                         Paving Over Wetlands,
                           calling that a ‘win’

                           Corporate crowds,
                a pestilence spreading once again.
                  Global Warming’s one of many
                            evil things they do!

          Flagrant Business Sissies,
     shortsighted money grubbers
      flaring out in all directions,
            Trashing Planet Earth.

All contents copyright 2014 by riff wilder, POB 210433, San Fran., CA  94121  
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