Monday, May 2, 2016

Four Shorties By HR Creel

Let Google flag us for "thin content," I don't care. Like many poetry readers, Google tends to evaluate the substance of a blog by word count. However, I for one have always been a fan of the short poem form. I'm sure most haiku enthusiasts would give you a solid argument that syllable volume alone does not a poem make. I wax on. But now i wax off and llow you to read the short poems of HR Creel. 


Oh, he thinks,
to get a pair, what would
I give, if I could be brave
make decisions
bark orders
others might listen to me.


This life has worn
us, but we are the course
material that stays longer,
we last, we endure,
in spite of what others
may wish.


I stopped the flow
of my heart today,
allowed my emotions
to well inside, until
a familiar sound like
the chirp of a bird
made me burst through.

Clock Cleaner

An old man
has crafted the universe,
has crafted me,
his imperfect vessel,
he who attends to all
the moving pieces, dusting
each spinning wheel.

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