Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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I try not to use Zombie Logic Review to promote myself, Zombie Logic Press, or anything else I might be working on too often, but once in a while I just need a few extra sheckles in the coffer to work on my next project(s). This is one of those times. Sort of like a pledge drive. Let me pitch you two of my books.

Flesh Wounds is a book I wrote during my time in the service industry. The title reflects the toll working in that industry can take on one if you fall into the many pitfalls and temptations present, which I invariably did. If I may say so I really enjoy the cover I designed of me standing in for the apostle Thomas holding a can of Schlitz examining the wounds of Jesus.

I'm told this is probably the best poem I wrote for that book, and it's only saving virtue.


 You were our first lesson 
 In rage and greed- 
 Possibly love. 
 Our smiling guardian 
 Put the stick 
 In our small hands, 
 Blindfolded us 
 And whispered that 
 Unspeakable treasures 
 Awaited us when we 
 Destroyed you. 
 Spun around and 
 Drunken with images 
 Of unimaginable trinkets 
 We became whirling dervishes 
 Of lust and anger, 
 Whacking and thumping away 
 At your broken smile 
 Way past nap time, 
 Until frustrated with 
 Our lack of killer instinct, 
 Our teacher sawed you 
 In half, spilling 
 Far less enticing bounty 
 Than we had dreamed of. 
 Some rushed forward and 
 Grabbed and devoured, 
 Others stood back and 
 Cried over the carnage. 
 Either way we all learned 
 Who we would be that day. 

You can buy Flesh Wounds here

Submerged Structure is a book I wrote that deals with suffering from a personality disorder but still having the desire to communicate and be present with other people. It's a struggle for many of us. 

Away Message 

I am away 
From my desk 
Right now 

I am away 
From the gravity 
Of lover's 

I am away 
From the vessel 
Right now in 
A geosynchronous orbit 
Around the lost moon 
Of Jupiter 

So leave me 
A message 

Because I 
Am away. 

You can buy Submerged Structure here 

Any spreading of the word is much appreciated. I'd like to keep doing this a little longer.

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