Saturday, May 12, 2018

Two Poems By Matthew Borczon

Matthew Borczon is a poet from Erie, Pa his most recent book Code 3 the prison Blues just came out from Alien Buddha Press. He has written seven books of poetry and has published widely in the small press. He is a nurse for developmentally disabled adults and is a sailor in the Navy reserve.

Was telling
my wife
confronting her
husband asking
who the
girl was
that was
blowing up
his phone
what did
he say
what did
you do
my wife
asks he
didn't say
so I
punched him
hard enough
to break 
his nose
then he
called the
and had
me arrested

Julie looks
at me
for the
first time
and says
he's lucky
I was
holding the
baby with
my good
arm or
I swear
it would
have been

parents had
been missionaries
in Jonestown
when he
was born
and they
left just
weeks before
the massacre
so Pat
lost almost
he had
ever known
all at 

Pat talked
about it
all the
time and
even when
he didn't
you could
still see
it in

his eyes.

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