Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Two Short Poems By Marc Carver

Marc Carver, a British poet, was recently an internationally featured
poet at the Austin International Poetry Festival. He has published 
four books of poetry and has had some seventy or so poems published
and posted at various sites. All of his books are available on 
Amazon.com. He is now writing a book of fiction and hopes to publish
it very shortly. He performs mainly in London and will continue to 
write poetry as long as people enjoy his work.


We went to the fish and chip shop
and her
I ordered two fish and chips
Mrs Woo
asked if we wanted salt and vinegar
I said vinegar for me
and she said 
only salt for her
I told Mrs Woo
we could not be more different
She just looked at me
the way a lot of people do


I see a man
bent slightly forward 
hands in face 
as if he is putting on a mask
He sobs 
the only way 
a man who wears boots and cream shorts can
screams with misery
then he takes his hands from his face
he starts to laugh
and his face changes
then he looks at me
and laughs even louder

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