Saturday, February 16, 2013

Even In Baator The Trains Must Run

A good friend of mine today asserted if life were a game of Dungeons and Dragons most people would be Lawful Evil in alignment. I have always agreed with the evil part, but found the lawful part troublesome.

But upon further review in the model used in Hell with Arch Dukes who all have dominion over different levels of Hell but are answerable to one Lord, Asmodeus.

When I started to think of it, though, it made sense, because most people knuckle under to authority and seek to oppress those beneath them. They obey the rules slavishly because they fear punishment and because they receive just enough compensation to keep them in order. They don't make the rules, but they do obey them. 

I tried to fit my own personality and moral code into the dungeons and dragons mythos but couldn't decide what alignment I would be. The only one I know I'm not is neutral, but it's also possible in the wide sweep all my various character flaws and quirks balance each other out and make me neutral after all.

Knock Knock. Who's there? Satan. Satan who? 

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