Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope On a Rope

I don't have any real thoughts on the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI. If you want some in depth history of bad popes go to The Hall of Bad Dudes. I just wanted to do an image search of Pope on a Rope and see what came up. I expected to see this...

I'd be proud to scrub my taint with such a fine soap. But there was more than just literal pope on a rope. For instance...

Now this is the kind of pope on a rope I hadn't expected. I'm not sure how many popes were hanged historically. The most common method I saw was the old Sam Cooke treatment where a man burst in while the Pope was diddlin' his wife/daughter/son/dog/sheep/moist pile of feces and beat the pope's brains out. This literally happened more than a few times. Apparently security was lax at the Vatican back in the old days.
Maybe the next pope will say "yes." Many have before.

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