Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Zombie Roundup

I like zombies. And I like poetry. So it's natural when I opened the doors at Zombie Logic Review I'd receive zombie poetry. Or even poetry by zombies as far as I know. What I've decided to do since the editorial bias here is towards Outlaw, Outsider, surrealist, and dadaist poetry, is to do a Sunday Zombie Roundup. As a poet I dislike a rejection notice as much as the rest of you, so why send one? These are perfectly good zombie poems and I'm going to publish them. 

The Zombie's Wife

The zombie's wife
has a dowager's hump
and never sees the sky.
On her way to church
she steps on ants
and swipes at every fly. 
Her husband Humphrey
stays at home 
and scours the house 
for the squeaky mouse
his wife says got inside.
Winter's coming
and the larder's bare 
so Humphrey wants
his wife to fix
the mouse for supper
fricasseed or fried.

Donal Mahoney
Nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart prizes, Donal Mahoney has had work published in various publications in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

 Zombie Intervention

 I had tried to prolong my stay here
 by the night from Friday to Sunday,
 but the guy at the desk was uncooperative.
 My clinginess  and expectations
 have become quite ridiculous.
 I vehemently deny making a request for breakfast
 while busy negotiating the body's nudge.                                      
 The next conflagration seemed inevitable.
 I slapped what was left of a face,
 dragging the unresponsive body
 to the open trunk of a Mercedes 
 parked in front of the hostel.
 I reported it all to the guy at the desk.
 He went out and slammed the trunk shut
 then uttered something indecipherable.
 If anyone else should turn up
 the traditional would have to do.

Colin James

Colin James lives in Massachusetts but was born in England. He works in Energy 
Conservation.   He has been published in a variety of journals and ezines including The 
American Drivel Review, The Ottawa Review, The Haz Mat Review and 88. He is a huge fan of the Scottish landscape painter, John Mackenzie.

Gentleman, great zombie poetry. Thank you for being the inaugural class of The Sunday Zombie Roundup. If you'd like to be in next Sunday's Zombie Roundup, send me some zombie poetry, stories, or art to


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