Thursday, August 15, 2013

Poem For a Lovely August Day By British Poet Marc Carver

A poem by Marc Carver here on a lovely afternoon at Zombie Logic Review.


I sat in the back of the cab
looking for money.
A man came up to the cab
He asked for directions
that he didn't want.
He took a look at me
with my beard
and long hair.
He decided I was rough
even for this part of town.
So he walked off
in the wrong direction
and the Asian taxi driver
didn't know how close
he was to being robbed
or killed.

Marc Carver, a British poet, was recently an internationally featured
poet at the Austin International Poetry Festival. He has published 
four books of poetry and has had some seventy or so poems published
and posted at various sites. All of his books are available on He is now writing a book of fiction and hopes to publish
it very shortly. He performs mainly in London and will continue to 
write poetry as long as people enjoy his work. 

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