Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Apologies

My apologies to all the great poets I have received poetry from the past two months. Two months ago a very large aneurysm was found in my ascending aorta, and I had surgery to replace a section of my aorta with human tissue, and my aortic valve was replaced with a St. Jude's mechanical valve. I have a backlog of poems I'll be publishing here in the next few weeks, and I am grateful to those who have entrusted me with their work. I am in cardiac rehab, and getting stronger daily. I am resisting the urge to write poems titled "What Makes Me Tick," and other corny references to my surgery. Here is an account of my synchronicity with St. Jude.

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  1. I certainly hope that your rehab is successful. But I am amazed to see that you discovered St, Jude, Fifty years ago I worked for the Claretian priests who run The National Shrine of St. Jude in Chicago. I was no Holy Roller but I saw evidence back then that St. Jude intercedes effectively with Christ for hopeless cases. In a different way I was one of them. I still am today but at least I am finally practicing my faith. Here's the link to the shrine in case you have not found it yet. All the best

    Donal Mahoney