Friday, June 27, 2014

Two Poems By Jesus Correa

Two poems by Jesus Abraham Correa VII from his upcoming book, Iced Cream, published by Zombie Logic Press. The book will be available for sale in August of 2014. You can pre-order your copy now Iced Cream by Jesus Correa

 for the drowning to come

the power is all gone, and we are all in the dark

it’s been raining for weeks, and it’s never going to stop

that’s what the weather man said, before the power went out

we’re all going to drown, we are all going to drown

and there’s no more TV, no more cartoons

goodbye career, and goodbye to you

and so we all start to climb, to the highest of grounds,

but we are all going to drown, we are all going to drown

now your money’s no good, it’s just paper with ink

but you still taste so good, and your lips are still pink

and the tide is coming in, hear the water rush into town,

if you hold me while i drown, i will hold you while you drown

so children eat your ice cream, while there is ice cream to be eaten

and parents beat your children, while there are children to be beaten

and i am trying to be happy with every breath that i breath in

but we are all going to drown soon and it makes me so sad.

so i don’t forget

dig a tiny little hole

for your tiny little bones

for your tiny little life

has come to a close

so these tiny little tears

run down those tiny little cheeks

and they run run run

for tiny little weeks

then we all move on

and the world spins around

it all moves along

as the world spins around

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