Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Last Supper Reunion by Bradley Lastname

The Last Supper Reunion

Judas Iscariot arrived at the Vatikkkan Mariott in a broken down chariot,
his horsewhip a lariat, and asked the concierge if their cable
showed reruns of Ozzie and Harriet.
He wanted to bury the bone in his toga,
so they sent up a squaw from the Ticonderoga.
The maitre d' seated him next to the saviour,
and hoped that he'd cease all his whack misbehaviour.

With doubting Tom came pouting Dick who was hairy.
From the maid's cart he swiped all the soap he could carry.
He bought an alley abortion for poor Virgin Mary,
and shared nitrous whippets with a coal mine canary,
he inspected the chocolate square left on his pillow,
and fed it right quick to his pet armadillo.

Christ cheesed off the table when he hogged the tequila,

and saw his own face in his pork quesadilla.

His collection plate let him grease his stigmata.
He wished that he had Hugo Ball for a dada.

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