Monday, February 16, 2015

A Good Day At Zombie Logic

I got a late start today. let's be honest, I rarely get moving before noon. Unfortunately, that's when most of the business of a day gets done. I don't really care much about business, though, I make things. I'm in the creative department. Of course, since I am the CEO of Zombie Logic Press, I'm also the accounting, promotions, and janitorial department. If it can be done after sundown I'm your guy. This morning, though, everything happened before I even woke up. For instance...

Zombie Logic poet Jesus Abraham Correa VII was on NPR this morning talking about his book Iced Cream. Pretty cool, right? I listened to the podcast and he even said our name, and they put a link to my blog in the story and everything. Frequently the news source won't even put a link to the website, and sometimes they don't even mention Zombie Logic Press in the story. As if the book spontaneously generated. Concurrently with the radio broadcast this was happening...

For those of you born after the turn of the millennium, those are books. Boxes of them. Arriving via UPS. Jenny thankfully didn't even wake me up to tell me they had arrived. I assumed if there was some egregious error my phone would ring. Silence was golden in this case. All in all a very eventful day here at Zombie Logic Press headquarters. Oh, those are copies of our latest book, The Zen of Beard Trimming. On schedule and under budget. The book release party is the 28th. Then all my energy will turn to the next publishing project, which I still haven't decided upon, despite having multiple options. In fact, once people know you publish books it's hard to leave the house without someone pitching one to you. Shit, if I could just get as many people to buy a book as submit one I'd be on easy street. Nonetheless, even as evening creeps towards late night I'm starting to relax and unwind and think of today as a good one. Zero sales of course. Bought more books this week than I've sold. Fuck, read more books this week than I've sold. Jenny finally got all our Zombie Logic Press books for sale listed in one place.

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