Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Catfish McDaris Poetry

Catfish McDaris has been active in the small press world for 25 years. His biggest seller is Prying: with Jack Micheline and Charles Bukowski. He’s working in a wig shop in a high crime area of Milwaukee. 

Writer, Painter, Thief, Killer
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Jhon Lightfoot
Piotr Roundtree
Copernicus Dragon
Picasso Luna

chasing broncos, ghosts, and ladies through the night

a guy pissed off his lady, she beat him in the head with 
a toaster then put his penis in plugged it in and clicked 
it down to bagel setting

Finding the Way

Whiskey for my cat, cocaine for my dog, heroin for my turtle, albino flying bison, speaking roadrunners. I used to pull the train on my vein, relax the fist, watch the blood squirt in the syringe, wait for the rush nod, like sex simply better, like love only superior, heaven and hell on Saturn. Nappy screamed in the rain and drank from the sky trying to figure where he went wrong and lost his way. He met a beautiful maiden, they ate rabbit and quail and soon she led him up a steep trail. 

Bleeding in the Snow
Dominoes and bones
Snake eyes and box cars

Grabbing up them
Green dead presidents

Rent some female fun
Life on murderer’s row

Is over before it’s begun. 

Pull Them Down
Xiu Fang walking away,
thirty years in the land of
the iron horse, laughing rain

The red blue violent sky is
roaring with cloud howitzers
bombarding forking electric bolts

Luck is tornado double trouble,
learn not to eat with chopsticks, 
fortune cookies always lie.

French Kiss Blues

His dad said he was going to
buy some Camels and never
came back, five years later he
sent a photo of himself on a double

Humper in front of the pyramids,
Spaniard hooked up with a chick
with a black belt, when someone
pissed him off, he sent her to kick

Ass, she was good in bed, but bitched
about his cat, Fido, he started putting
Fido’s shit in her scrambled eggs, she’d
make ugly faces and Spaniard laughed

He decided to show her how much he
loved Fido, he grabbed a fresh turd and
ate it, then gave her a big sloppy French
kiss, that was almost the last straw, but

She loved Spaniard and hung tough, they
came home one night and some stinky
motherfucker was sitting on their toilet, 
he got up to run, but Fido clawed him in

His bare ass, he didn’t even flush, the son
of a bitch was a cat burglar, he refused to
steal Fido, Spaniard flushed away the stench,
while he watched, his woman get tough.

No Fucking Mercy Motherfucker
Eat a pile of dicks
gank yo skeezer
skank yo peehole

Let me pound shit
up yo beautiful azz

Blow jobs all day long
eating cunt all night
marijuana mescaline

Beg all you want cry 
whine beseech a double
tap is your just reward.

 Atrocious Poems A To Z from ZLR editor Thomas L. Vaultonburg

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