Friday, April 16, 2010

Love Is Meat

David Pedersen is one of the very talented artists I've been fortunate enough to meet since I've moved to downtown Rockford. And after thirteen years he's the first poet to actually appear in Zombie Logic Review.

Love is Meat

My mother was the scale girl.
My father cut the livers out.
When their eyes met for the first,
Their love escaped as heat,
Through the ventilation,
And continued out of the stacks.
Out into the world,
To be breathed in,
Along with the smell of bacon.
The citizens of this fine village,
Became entranced,
But only for a second.
The smell of smoked pig,
Was more familiar,
Than the sensation of love.


  1. I like this. Now I have to look and see what I have to send ZLP...hmmm the smell of pig smoking

  2. David is a good friend of mine and a great poet. I always intended for ZLR to include other writers.