Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dude's Prayer

This is a really stupid poem I wrote a few years ago. Sometimes you write something and you wonder why. But the thing about cyberspace is that it's endless and nobody has to cut down a tree for me to publish this dippy poem and no one is forcing you to read it.

The Dude's Prayer

never inflict upon me
the wisdom to discern
shit from shinola

or lead me into
skirmish, scrum,
or uncompensated

rapture me not
away from green
or darken the path
of Cosmic Bowling

allow my slumber
to be a golden hum,
unbroken by the crackle
of angels wings
or The Eagles Greatist Hits.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ratatosk the Zombie Squirrel

It's hard to believe that circa 2000, when I created a website for Zombie Logic Press for the first time, when Google first started indexing websites I was on the top page for the search term "zombie." Twelve years later I can't seem to even break into the first 100 pages. It's simultaneously exhilerating and sad to see a genre you love take the culture by storm, but then feel you're not even a part of it anymore. Such it is with all acts of creativity and movements. By the time the public knows about it, the people who created it are on to something else, and probably even something else after that. This is Ratatosk, a zombie squirrel me and Jenny Mathews created a while ago. Zombie bananas, zombie squirrels, zombie zombie zombies. They're everywhere. 

see more Ratatosk here

Yellow Disk, White Disk

Yellow Disk, White Disk

Yellow disk, rise
White disk sleep
Yellow disk, plant
Yellow disk, keep

Yellow disk, Apollo
White disk, Diana
In the daylight it's science,
Under moonbeams, arcana.

Stop, you say, inequality arises.

Yellow disk, penis
White disk, vagina
Yellow disk, conquer
White disk, nurture

Wait, wait, wait, this is wrong.
Reverse the order.

White disk, lunacy
Yellow disk, sight
White disk, darkness
Yellow disk, light

Now I must protest.
Let me try one.

Yellow disk, father,
White disk, mother
White disk, sister
Yellow disk, brother

That came out all wrong.
What I meant was...

Yellow disk, White disk
Red wine, soft kiss.
Daytime, nightime,
One world: yours, mine.

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