Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lenny Bruce Pardoned For Obscenity Poem

I woke up one morning and saw a news story that 37 years after his conviction for obscenity, Lenny Bruce had been pardoned by the governor of New York. It led me wonder what other pardons were forthcoming. So I wrote a poem. 

   Good News 

   In the morning New York 
   Overturned a 1964  
   Obscenity conviction 
   That hounded Lenny 
   Bruce to the grave. 
   By afternoon the whores 
   Of Holland had voted 
   Van Gogh the sexiest 
   Man in history 
   And just this evening 
   The Catholic Church 
   Announced Galileo is 
   No longer under house arrest. 
   Press conferences were 
   Scheduled but all three 
   Insisted on remaining 

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