Sunday, January 13, 2013

Does Google Even Know You Exist

Do you own your name? What I mean is if you were to enter your name into Google would you be the first entry? I wonder what percentage of people on the planet are first in the search rankings for their own name. I am. Because I have an unusual name. I can go on for pages and pages before I even see a search entry not related to me. My father with the same name, no search entries at all.

Does he therefore not exist?

In the future will he exist less for his lack of being recognized by Google?

I have to admit part of my life is dedicated to making myself relevant to Google. It has become one of the manias of modern culture. If Google doesn't know you then you don't exist. 

Now Google will tell you the best way to get them to recognize and verify your existence is to do something good. But is that true?

I don't see that Google makes any real determination between good and bad when deciding who is and isn't extant. I don't see that Google makes any real determination between what is good and what is bad in terms of quality either. 

And that's one of the things I love about creating for the search engines. They simply couldn't care any less if you're the best person in the world or the worst. 

These are the Wild West days of the internet. Or perhaps the Wild West days have passed, but either way we're witnessing the infancy of the most incredible exchange of information in history.

And at the center of that advance is a corporation that seems to have no concern if their platform is being used for good, evil, or any other agenda.

I like that. It allows the rest of us to make we will of the internet. The internet has become and should be a reflection of who we are as a culture. 

I believe it is. This is who we are. 

And I like it.

Rescue Time estimated this Google logo cost America 4.82 million man hours. Obviously Rescue Time doesn't know  the American worker very well.

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