Monday, June 3, 2013

A Poem By Ana Christy

Alpha Beat Press was one of the first places I ever published poetry. It was a hot spot for small press poets. Everyone seemed to publish there. And at the center of it all were Dave and Ana Christy. I was overjoyed to receive this poem from Ana Christy this week. 


and sucking up
I learned what it's all about

you can 't just have talent
and sit on your bum all day
it won't come to you-
you've got to make the
travel a hundred or a few
be put up in digs that are
less than adequate
read the poems that suit
the audience
deal with the hecklers
and drunks
and people who seek
your autograph and come
onto you
and mikes that don't work
but I keep on truckin'
for fame not fortune
and the love of it all
and the accumulating
posters on the wall.

Ana Christy is a "beat" poet and writer with 40 books of poetry published-and 3 u.s tours and of europe-my work has been studied in soviet georgia and colleges around the world-i.

She was co-publisher of "ALPHA BEAT PRESS" with her late husband DAVE CHRISTY, and has an internet show on called "The Canman says goodnight." 

Her first novel "EENIE MEENIE MINEE MOE" is being published by, with a second novel, "NODDY'S BAR AND GRILL" published soon.

When she is not writing she makes collages- watches movies- and makes Indian food.


  1. I can't remember much the small press history. I can't remember I was there. I forget this kind of spirit spits in faces . I thought I was alone. I liked this poem. It doesn't seem to change the world. I wanted poetry changed the world. The world did not want to be changed with all the spirit we pitiful poets could muster. I'm glad there are people like you and me. I slapped them hard first two women spit in my face. 30 years now I pay for it. Young girls with red lips.
    Almost like an offering plate. A taste some "beat" cruelty. I haven't felt it years. I haven't felt anything in years. Corporate America or my own sick self sizzling some side of the road caustic pool

  2. Fine poem. I'm glad to see that Ana's still putting words on paper/internet!