Sunday, April 9, 2017

British Poet Marc Carver

Marc Carver, a British poet, was recently an internationally featured
poet at the Austin International Poetry Festival. He has published 
four books of poetry and has had some seventy or so poems published
and posted at various sites. All of his books are available on He is now writing a book of fiction and hopes to publish
it very shortly. He performs mainly in London and will continue to 
write poetry as long as people enjoy his work. 


I looked out the window as I came out of the shower
I saw a couple of young women walking up the pavement.
The one with blonde hair saw me watching them
so I darted behind the curtain.

I noticed they were charity workers
two minutes later I heard a knock at the door.
but there was no way I was opening it.


I wake up from my nap
it is still morning.
Think about going out into the world
but find it hard
after all saying hi to a stranger that you never see again
gets you down after a while.

I woke up to a drilling in my head
it could be one of all those people in my head.
You can look at my poetry and think it was written by a hundred different people.
A whole legion
up there.
Yea perhaps it was one of them trying to spear his way out of my head
but hang on little man,
where would you go
after all Rome is a long way.


When do you say stick
no new cards
I will keep the ones I have got
even if you have to fold them at some stage.
You keep looking at them
but they don't add up

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