Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Outsider Poet Asked To Write On Walls Of Rockford Art Museum

Jenny and I were walking to the bus stop yesterday afternoon and Jenny said "They want you to write the poems from the book on the wall at the museum."

"Duh. What,?" I muttered, sort of getting what she was about to say was expected of me.

Write on the walls of a museum? What a perfectly childish and scandalous thing to do. It breaks every rule of civility and decorum I've ever been taught.

I'm in. 

Give me a marker.


U is for urination,
With boys and girls
There is a variation.
Boys pee, it seems,
Comes out in streams,
But often misses its
While girls, we all know,
When they have to go,
Deliver theirs' with
Grace and precision.

I got a museum in a major American city to invite me to write a poem about urination on their walls. Move over, Piss Serrano. 

We have a few days left in our crowdfunding effort for the book. You can order Atrocious Poems A To Z here, and see the debut of my scribblings on the wall of the Rockford Art Museum June 9th, assuming they don't catch win of the whole nefarious plot. 

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