Sunday, February 21, 2016

Roo Bardookie You're the One

Roo Bardookie

The God Spoon

Now I am going to drink coffee, and if you don’t mind will you indulge me and let me tell you about the man that drank some Coors in 6th grade, and just finished up on Thursday with some dark beers from Whole Foods?  I passed out some good cheeses, some good for you jalapeno chips, and poured the dark beers for my “friends” at the DHTC. 

I drank from 1976-2015.  Wait a minute, I thought that was when I was a championship tennis player.  40 years it was winning in singles and doubles, mixed and teams, medals and trophies, gold ball I gave to mom, silver and a gumball machine I gave to my friend’s kid.

No you stupid bastard, it was 40 years of drinking.  And what else did you spoon on?  Cigarettes, cigars, chew tobacco, marijuana, hash, speed, crank, cocaine, LSD, mushrooms, Everclear, vodka, valium, ecstasy, Jagermeister, wine, and tequila.  How about some liqueurs?

But, you helped kids.  You coached.  You taught.  You mentored.  You got them jobs, you taught them how to succeed, you gave away your trophies.

You went to church, you raised a daughter, you never forgot the family, you prayed, you got degrees, you got certified to teach and coach, you married and took care of old folks and special needs kids, and animals.

I think I wore a mask, so that you could not see the monster me, the real me.  The wormy eyed, black soul thing, that lurked just behind the mask of volunteers, the mask of giving, the mask of caring, the mask of sharing, the mask of do-gooder, of hero, of healer, wheeler-dealer, standing at the edge about to jump.  Have faith, have faith my friend.

Now, I am going to drink coffee, eat my wife’s vegan meals, exercise and talk to God again.  Without my mask.  And by the way, I am going to do these role modeling things, these hero things, these leader things, differently.  How so?

I took off my mask.  And The Who asked, “Can you see the real me?  Can you? Can You?  Can you see the real me?”

I cut the string, and threw the mask away today.

The Escort & Jihane Mossalim 

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