Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Innovative Poetry By Clive Gresswell

Clive Gresswell is an innovative poet working from Luton in Bedfordshire, England. He used to be a journalist but he doesn't do that anymore having gone to university after being made redundant to follow his creative writing and poetry. He is a regular member of a group of poets who meet monthly in London known as Writers Forum (New Series) and is also proud to be a friend of Victor Clevenger.

exchange, derange, alter, view, war, eclipse, savage, hunter, declare, debase, soundbite, victory,  cities, scramble, preamble, negotiate, negate, invert, insert, envelop, castigate, bomb, converse, convert, christianity, white, pleasure, measure, disenfranchised, defenestration, border, disorder, reorder, recorder, justice, plagued, ink, dripped, mind, tricked, oil, define, bounced, cheque, reflect, cause, effect, damage, huddle, hospitals, disabled, demanded, confined, warped, memory, history, troops, grounded, surround, embolden, headlines, blush, sympathisers, marginal, statue, salute, converge, emerge, regroup, parliamentarian, spoke, rope, pulled, trigger, detonate, encapsulate, adverb, noun, riot, applause, paranoid, propaganda, enemy, eyes, lobby, territory, educate, brainwash, denote, remote, demote, class, diamond, penetrate, steel, factory, arm, torso, sell, slaves, home, migrate, punctuate, disengage, starve, network, rework, mix, remix, integrate, infiltrate, papers, photographs, stars, kill, butcher, suture, graph, ignite, chemical, blister, wound, rewind,  interrogate, state, monopolise, chill, sunrise, draw, redraw, dress, redress, balanced, maps, outline, determine, nation, proclaim, withdraw, encapsulate, isolate, boundaries, language, bleed, violence, predetermine, pronoun, identity, split, spit, shit, tone, rephrase, geography, granite, gesticulate, anger, pain, puke, book, wisdom, dispute, torture, hitler, dream, market, remake, outline, derive, prescribe, multiply, manufacture, distract, discipline, disciple, copy, paste, viewpoint, alert, compare, write, customize, euthanasia, break, apart, simplistic, annihilation, animation, clinical, appropriate,

ignite imperfections of lines in collapsed                                city of music
& where corpses sang the dead-pan (OK then) chorus
hobnailed defective meanings –
we half-expected you he said compliant with/radio
of course he was asked to leave
thrown against the hearse                                                               slumped drunk into a taxi
or it could have equally been
a completely different morning
no-one gives a shit apart from death-ray sparrows
kenneth goldsmith as pure concept
& birds torn
society is drowning in ever-increasing nouns may or may not be a thing
bricked up flats
was his being ever established apart from the slight lisp
& the remnants of his ear
bloody & gouged us risky fellows
licking at burning language

he told me black was your colour
but the day after  newspapers wrote ‘black is not a colour.’
my tongue gargled paint –spiting venom – ah  godhead fountains again

he unfurls his = unfamiliar
tense & retrograde slim-volumes
drew                                                                          +++  yesterday’s

familiar representations
his tooth bites down on a shit society

laps of gods
launched amid his own mythology
& when they walked into this bar

an irony of secretly unemployed
festers in its absurd representations
hunger & thirst: the vowels

howling dark winds chastity
the recording loops

his trail of shit
crawls across
piano keys

death disquiet
temper heads raised/conquest
he leaves the room tip-toes
on gorillas

lines on his face echo
a disturbing
monograph culled

inside dreams
continue revolting instruments
the eurovision


+ song contest
bland appetite for
flailing words

a paper bag of jarring rhythms
flesh the bleed-shot ear
outside this hotel

motorways dissect

that’s reality of urban landscapes
for you
a kind of truth in this vile dust

in the vestibule

he tremors in sunshine
walks with a plastic limp
rays of rain/shards glass

temptress’s tall buildings
squat across muddy maps
enticing bodily fluid


poster-paint iniquity +  load his gun
= streamlines his outrage

it’s a knitting pattern
pearl one, stitch 2,

In the buttercup field is it true they pull out your eyes……..

delve, shelf, require, desire, burst, open, door, jar, squeeze, disease, sick, ill, pill, swill, pig, fig, cops, distrust, belly, fluff,  motion, notion, notation, explanation, write, comb, bald, truth, black, white, stripe, strip, search, broad, church, hail, exhale, morning, mail, letter, better, fatter, slimmer, glimmer, harmonize, lies, cauterize,  burn, yearn, live, learn, present, past, future, tense, sensory, implication, extermination, cultural, exchange, european, lean, mean, esteem, enhance, trance, hypnotize, galvanise, party, ties, jealous, eyes, sink, low, pink, glow, mud, bath, joy, laugh, trial, beguile, judge, jury, shot, fury, swear, wear, wig, ligature, literature, dark, smart, replace, headline, news, views, abuse, refuse, redefine, his, mine, yours, daughter, ritual, slaughter, hand, made, old maid, displayed, disintegrate, united, states, big, guns, atomic, kittens, leopard, mittens, misprint, print, section, election, electron, erection, statue, glue, social, hostelry, gathering, smothering, smooth, riot, gear, fear, gas, masks, set, tasks, equation, exclusion, lowest, set, re-let, relent, compensate, state, educate, delineate,  order, border, disorder, chaos, supermarket, flow, real, slow, pitch, control, invade, home, tv, audio, visual, chorus, metamorphosis, columbo, mumbo-jumbo, nonsense, sentence, context, reflex, reflect, subject, object, index

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